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Clothing for Machu Picchu

What kind of clothing should I wear to go to Machu Picchu?
Machu Picchu is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit, many of us already know that Machu Picchu means old mountain in Quechua, is a stone city, built by the Incas around the fifteenth century and located at 2,360 m.s. The Inca city is surrounded by temples, platforms and water channels, built on top of a mountain and its construction was built with large blocks of stone joined together, without the use of amalgam. It is located 130 km from the Imperial City of Cusco and since the explorer Hiram Bingham made it known to the world in 1911, he has received many titles and recognitions.

Machu Picchu is considered at the same time a masterpiece of architecture and engineering, its peculiar architectural and landscape features, and the veil of mystery that has woven around it much of the literature published on the site, have become one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet.

Machu Picchu is on the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites since 1983, as part of a whole cultural and ecological group known under the name “Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu”

Machu Picchu is located between the Amazon jungle and the Andes Mountains in Peru, the particular of its cool and warm climate makes the Inca Citadel a pleasant place for visitors. The days are sunny and rainy depending on the time of year (dry and rainy season).

What clothes are suitable for the rainy season?
The rainy season includes from November to March, the climate at this time is characterized by the most intense rainfall in the year, although these do not happen throughout the day, it is important to prevent its effects with the right clothes, this is the right clothes you should take on your trip:

Waterproof coat.
Waterproof vest.
Cotton polo shirt
Waterproof pants.
Leggins (for women).
Cotton socks.
Trekking shoes.
It is not advisable to wear shorts or skirts due to the mosquitoes that are in place.
If you are traveling with children, it is important to carry a baby carrier and light, warm clothes.
What clothes to wear in the city of Cusco?
The imperial city of Cusco is characterized by a very changing climate, like Machu Picchu, its stations are divided into dry and rainy season. However, in general, it is characterized by having hot days and cold nights, due to this, it is advisable to prepare with light and warm clothing according to the time of day.

A hat or hat.
Cotton polo shirt
Pants or jeans
Shorts or skirt.
Cotton socks.
Chompa or jacket.
Slippers, boots and sandals.
If you are traveling with children, it is important to carry a baby carrier and light, warm clothes.
Another of the most visited places prior to the Wonder of the World is the Sacred Valley of the Incas, this beautiful valley has its own climatic characteristics.

Accessories that should not be missing
Due to the particular climate, the clothing will need some accessories to make the dream trip to the citadel of Machu Picchu so that everything is perfect, in general, the main accessories that should not be absent are the following:

A medium backpack (the entrance to Machu Picchu is not allowed with one of great dimension).
Poncho for the rain.
Water or some rehydration.
Insect repellent (especially in Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu town).
An umbrella (in case you do not want to use poncho for rain).
Baby carrier (if traveling with children).
Adding these tips on the dress for the tour to Machu Picchu, we will be prepared to enjoy our visit better regardless of the inclement weather, let Waman Adventures accompany you on this tour since with the reach of our trained professionals you will not have to worry some during the trip; We are a company dedicated to making your trip the most pleasant and comfortable, always guaranteeing your satisfaction, comfort and security before our service.